DILEMMA – Black Flower Video Art by Eudokia Thomopoulou Feather of an Owl





“Black Flower” is the first song taken from the new DILEMMA album titled
“Persona Graffiti, released by Ankh Productions (November 2017).
“Black Flower” music by DILEMMA, lyrics by Sotiris (Sean) Tragas: vocals, tenor sax.
Poppy Dalachani: acoustic/ electric guitars, effects, keyboards.

Ioanna Vasiliki Koraki: vocals & backing vocals.
Marily Kitsiona, Elena Fornaro & Maria Kampani: backing vocals.
Panagiotis Bourazanis: electric bass.
Thanos Hatzianagnostou: drums.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Mythos (Athens, Greece) by Thanasis Gikas,
produced by DILEMMA.
Website: http://www.thedilemmaband.gr
Facebook: http://facebook.com/Dilemma.Greece

Video Art: Feather of an Owl https://featherofanowl.wordpress.com

Director and editor: Eudokia Thomopoulou
http://www.eudokiathom.wordpress.com ,

Cinematographer: Michael Spyropoulos

Her father was always working
Her mother was depressed
They ruined somehow her life
They always were distressed
She grew up almost lonely
She learned to play guitar
But she had a strange pain
Like a needle in her heart
They called her girl of sorrow
She had no-one at her side
Her words was like love potion
That made you happy, fool and blind
She gave me a black flower
(She took me) to night country fairs
She was dancing like a witch
She sang in the violet air
And she disappeared one night
With no words, no signs
And I’ m bleeding on my own
Like a shadow in the night
She gave me a black flower