The Narrative Nature of Blue





The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.
Marcus Aurelius










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Ευδοκία Θωμοπούλου- Το Πάθος Eudokia Thomopoulou- La Passion Ακρυλικό και κάρβουνο σε καμβά- 2.00m. X 1.40m.

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“The only journey is the one within.” Rainer Maria Rilke.


Eudokia Thomopoulou was born in Athens, Greece. She has been involved in painting and the arts since her early childhood. After graduating from high school, she went to college to study English Literature and History of Art while working as a Teacher of English.

A few years later, she decided to move to the UK where she became a student at Coventry School of Art and Design and graduated with a BA Honours in Communication, Culture and Media studies with an emphasis on Art Gallery Photography and Film studies. She also obtained a postgraduate qualification in Documentary Photography.

Eudokia started exhibiting her work while working as a professional documentary photographer, a teacher and a communications expert. She then pursued postgraduate studies in English Literature and she also worked as an editor and graphic designer.

Her recent interests revolve around a  Master’s programme in Literatures in English and further research in Art, Memoir, Archetypes and Psychoanalysis.

The artist utilizes research, painting, illustration, photography, video art, performance, poetry and creative writing, as a communication bridge between the soul and the material world, seeking manifestations of the spiritual substance of creation.


Selected exhibitions, projects and performances over the last two years:


  • October 2018- Group exhibition Art Heals υπό την αιγίδα της Εταιρείας Alzheimer Αθηνών.


  • October 2018- Petit Paris d’ Athènes 2018 – Group exhibition. Curators: Αγγελική Μπάρα, Στέλλα Φασούλα


  • September 2018- group exhibition “Με αφορμή τον Γιαννούλη Χαλεπά”  ena contemporary,  Kolonaki, Athens. Curator: Christina Sotiropoulou


  • June 2018- group exhibition «Κάλαϊς» @ Dépôt Art Gallery, Kolonaki, Athens. Curator: Dimitris Lazarou


  • February 2018- Solo Painting Exhibition at MYRO Gallery, Thessaloniki. “Portraits of the Fall and Theosis”. Curator: Paris Kapralos


  • January 2018- Video Art for the new DILEMMA song, Raindrops


  • December 2017- Painting, group exhibition “Rebetika” at Tsitsanis Museum,    Trikala. Curator: Nikolena Kalaitzaki



  • “Rem-Brand Name”, Lola Nikolaou gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece


  • June 2017- Photography and Video Art with the DILEMMA band at ΤΑΞΙΔΙ, 9th Visual Arts Exhibition Eleusis, Leonidas Kanellopoulos Cultural Center. Curator: Nandia Vlahopoulou


  • May 2017- DREAMS at DOMATIO Project. Painting, performance and music with the DILEMMA band and Giorgios Kontominas


  • May 2017- Painting, group exhibition at Δi Eleusis Wellness & Arts Festival, Eleusis. Curator: Aspasia Stavropoulou


  • March 2017- Painting- group exhibition. “Between myth and Reality” at Tsitsanis Museum, Trikala. Curator: Lia Koutelieri


  • February 2017- Painting, group exhibition at MaLou ART CONSULTING & Gallery, Athens. “The Female form in Contemporary Greek Art”. Curator: Ludmila Hrinchenko


  • October 2016- Painting, group exhibition. Le Petit Paris d’ Athènes: « l’esprit d’équipe et les arts ». Curtor: Lia Koutelieri








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